Makers of Good Toys for Bad People


Howdy, fuckers!  Welcome to Entropyland...America's most beloved Abusement park! 

We're in the middle of an expansion right now, so please pardon our  digital dust...and when I say "Expansion", I mean, "the slow goddamn process of Entropy learning how to build a website that doesn't look like it was coded by a monkey with a headfull of NyQuil."  So don't be at all surprised if some parts aren't open yet...after all, the guy builds BDSM toys....not websites.  So come on in!  Step right up!  Don't push, don't shove!  Hot and fresh, plenty for everyone!  Oh...and if you see any clowns around the park, try not to startle them.  They're a bit unstable and haven't all had their shots.  Truth is, they don't even work here...we're just kinda' afraid to ask them to leave. Just speak in a low, soothing voice and back away slowly. 

 Trust me on this...


 The Administrative Offices The Motherf**kin' Funhouse The Souvenir Stores

Rides which are not the funhouse, yet are probably still worth checking out...after all, you're already here...right?

      The Creepy Old Laboratory
          The Weasel Works                      Stuff              Things

The Art Gallery!

Exits to other "parks" which are run by people I know and like and who have much more professional looking...uh..."parks" than this one you're looking at.