Holy Crap...It's Products!

While, generally speaking, my floggers are custom items that are built to the desires of the customer, I sometimes just make floggers because I like to.  Here are the ones I currently have in stock and which are ready to be shipped today.  Mouseover photos to see closeups of handles

Email me at entropy@entropyland.com for details and prices.

Blue and silver leather braided handle with 32 incredibly soft and thuddy buffalo tails, topped with black and silver 2-color pineapple knots.  This one is beautiful, elegant and feels amazing to the touch...

An experimental black and gold piece to try out the new metallic gold leather.  This flogger features a black patent and metallic gold braided handle, 32 tails in a combination of thuddy black suede and soft deer-tanned cowhide for a soft touch and is finished with pineapple knots.  Because this one's an experiment, it is an opportunity to pick up a high quality Entropyland flogger for less than it would normally sell for.  Step right up and score yourself a shiny new addition to your toy collection on the cheap!

The Return of Entropy's Big Swingin' Balls!  36 tails each of buffalo leather so incredibly soft, you'd swear it was some kind of incredibly militant deer finished with 2 color pineapple knots in black and shiny purple.  Huge thud in a ball bearing swivel flogger.  If you've got wrist problems or carpal tunnel syndrome but still want to swing floggers, then you're gonna' want a set of these. By the way...notice there are no speed links or other hardware store junk on these?  At Entropyland, we do 'em right...


Stealth #1: The first flogger of the post-cancer era. 24 tails in black elk (1/2" by 23").  Handle features a two tone black pattern in which shiny patent details contrast against a textured matte black base and pineapple knots.

Color-change braid #1.  26 tails in black buffalo and red moose (1/2" by 23")  Handle is the first ever of my color change braids in black, red and metallic silver cowhide and features black and red 2 color pineapple knots.  This flogger represents my current state of the art in design and construction.

Prototype.  48 Purple cow suede tails (1/2" by 23")  Handle is black and violet braided cowhide with pineapple knots

Prototype 30 Black Buffalo-hide Tails (1/2" by 23") Handle is black and violet braided cowhide with pineapple knots


28 black buffalo-hide tails (1/2" by 23")  Handle is black and violet braided cowhide with pineapple knots.


Matched Set with 24 Elk Leather tails (1/2" by 23") in 2 colors (light brown and chocolate brown).  Handles are wrapped in chocolate brown 3/16" cowhide lace with black pineapple knots.


28 black deerskin tails (1/2" by 23").  Handle is wrapped with black 1/8" inch cowhide with black 4 pass original-style Turk's Head Knots.  This is a perfect first flogger.


For Questions and Prices, Email me!