Welcome to the

...Where the Rules do not apply

This is the super-secret, ultra-bad-ass research and development area for Entropyland.  We originally wanted to name it after those black critters with the white stripes...y'know...the ones who speak with a French accent and smell bad...but our legal department let us know that a large aerospace company (which rhymes with Lockweed) has copyrighted that name and would call in airstrikes on us if we even thought about it. We don't think they're fucking around.  Ergo, "Weasel Works"

This is the area where new ideas are developed and prototypes are displayed with an eye toward getting feedback from you, the customer, and moving new items into regular production.  If you like what you see here, drop me a line at Entropy@Entropyland.com and let me know!

It's a little slice of democracy in the semi-benevolent dictatorship that is Entropyland...

Take advantage of it, citizen!


Entropyland presents: Swivel-style floggers! 

In recent times, it has come to our attention that many people really dig the "swivel" or "finger" style of floggers, so we've decided to see what we can do to improve on the designs that are out there.  Entropyland swivel floggers feature a precision ball-bearing mechanism for smooth action.  The prototype set pictured here features two-finger grips of red/purple cowhide, 32 dense and heavy half-inch wide tails of black buffalo hide and the same red/purple cowhide.  The tails are 23" in length and are finished at the top by one of our pineapple knots...and this set, like all our prototypes is for sale!

The spherical shape of the knots has caused some of the staff around here to begin referring to these  as "Entropy's Big Swingin' Balls".  that is not the official name and it is the policy of Entropyland.com not to encourage its use...because that might be offensive, and as you know, we don't stand for that kind of shit.