Violet Wand Repairs!


So, I'm sure I don't need to tell you how much goddamn fun a violet wand can be.  They are simply made of awesome.  In fact, if you were to take a sample of one and put it under a  sufficiently powerful scanning electron microscope, you would soon discover that, unlike most solid matter, Violet Wands are not composed of atoms, but tiny particles of pure awesome.  It's true.  I read that somewhere.

Similiarly, there are few things more tragic and disappointing when you plug in your violet wand in preparation for an exciting bit of electrical play aaaaaaaaaand.......nothing.  It's not buzzing.  It's not doing ANYTHING, in fact.  It's just sitting there.  Inert.  Dead.  Toast.  Even worse, you remember that the replacement cost on this delightful, yet fickle device is about a billion dollars.  Y'know...because of the exchange rate, or something.

Now what in the hell are you going to do?!


Well, citizen, you're in luck!  Here at Entropyland, we've retained the services of some of the finest mad scientists and evil engineers in the known universe to work on our WMD program baby food factory...and those fuckers can fix ANYTHING!

Including your broken Violet Wand!

How cool is that?!


So if your Violet Wand has become an expensive paperweight, email us at and we'll see what we can do to get that thing back up and shocking the living bejeezus out of your loved ones!