Say...wouldn't it be super cool if that Entropy character made some other toys, in addition to the floggers?  Well...hold onto your fuckin' hats, citzens, 'cause Entropyland now presents canes made the old-school way!

They start out as hand-selected pieces of rattan which are straightened, shaped and sanded smooth.  They are then saturated with linseed oil, sanded again, and painted with 3 coats of spar varnish.  And in between coats of spar varnish?  That's right, sizzlechest....more sanding!  I offer two different handle finishes:  shrink tubing (as shown here) or leather-wrapped in a variety of colors (email for specifics or to request a color)  Now, keep in mind that rattan is a natural product and there will be variations, but they're all pretty similar.

And here's the best part:

They're $10 each.

No...seriously...ten bucks.

Dig THAT if you will....and I think you will...

Canes Currently Available as of 3/18/2013


Email me for availability and leather color choices!